Gardening and you


Welcome to Becky’s Greenhouse, 2012. Unbelievable that this is another gardening season. For us, it marks the 27 years of selling plants and 23 years of growing and selling….where did that time go? Every year, it is more and more exciting about opening up with the new, stand by plants and sometime old fashioned plants we have grown for you.

The Annual Open House has been on the 27th, 28th, and 29th and went well. As we have had in the past weather wasn’t the best, but we made the most of it, and so did the gardeners. Someone said, you can’t stop a gardener from coming and getting started with their gardening. So we are very thankful for that. I was asked how long I have done Open House, so I asked our daughter Amy who has a great memory. She said the first one she remembers is the one in 1990 when we opened up Becky’s Mall. So that marks 22 years….wow where did that time go?

With gardeners, the weather is always a topic we talk about. March this year was a very special topic with all that warm weather, and now April has been a lot cooler. More seasonable I said, because if it stayed that warm and warmer what will July be like? So take March and most of the winter as a blessing and we will continue on with what we are given.

Some of the trees really came around and started to leaf out, but many just wait for the right time, because they knew it would be cooler and in fact cold the month of April. Now we have May we will have the right schedule to do the planting that we like to do. Rain is good for it was really dry. No complaining about the rain from our farmer friends that is for sure.

With the warm temperatures and new plastic covering this last fall, the plants look awesome. They are growing well, and are blooming.

Perennials will be here and look good. They are on the racks so hardened off for you so they will continue to grow when you put them in the ground. Baskets will be out and about, and vegetables will be ready for you to plant.

Trees and shrubs will be on display and all ready to go in your yards. We have Bailey nursery stock, and for what I see they can grow very fine trees, shrubs and roses. The trees and shrubs are our newest venture just starting last year, but I am learning and will continue to learn about them. So thanks for coming this gardening season, and if any questions, problems, concerns just give us a call 641-794-3337 or email us.

Till next time, Becky and the small crew from Becky’s Greenhouse.